Vein Center vs. Hospital – What is a Vein Center?

When we get injured or have a health issue, we don’t always go to the hospital right away for treatment. Just as there are health care specialists who perform various procedures in their offices, people with vein issues can get expert vascular treatment at a vein center.

What is a Vein Center?

A vein center is a facility that focuses on treating vein problems such as varicose veins, spider veins and venous insufficiency. Often, vein centers are accredited or choose to meet rigorous standards. For example, Columbus Vein Center operates under the direction of two board-certified Interventional Radiologists who not only specialize in Interventional Radiology but are also fellowship-trained in vascular procedures, including vein treatment.

How is a Vein Center Different from a Hospital?

Even though hospitals are staffed with doctors who specialize in specific areas of medicine, they usually treat patients with a wide range of issues every day. Vein centers, on the other hand, concentrate only on treating patients with vein problems. As a result, the doctors and support staff at a vein center become experts in what they do.

What are the Benefits of Going to a Vein Center?

In addition to the highly-skilled doctors and staff members, vein centers utilize the latest technology and equipment to perform the most up to date procedures. Another benefit to patients is the medical staff at vein centers take advantage of continuing education to ensure they have the most current knowledge of the best vein treatments available.

It’s Like Ordering a Gyro at a Chinese Restaurant

Did you know that a dentist can inject Botox and derma fillers into people’s faces? They sure can, provided they complete the quick one to two-day training seminar. In fact, any trained practitioner can inject Botox, once trained. But how often are they actually doing it in their office? Once a week? Once a month? Ever? If you were interested in getting Botox, wouldn’t you want to go to a doctor who injects Botox into patients several times a day?

5 Reasons to go to Columbus Vein Center:

  • Vein care is the sole focus of practice
  • Vein centers are staffed with people who focus on vein health
  • Vein centers concentrate on treating people with vascular issues and vein damage
  • Doctors at vein centers perform vein procedures all the time
  • Doctors are experts is diagnosing vein disease and customizing your treatment plan

Using Medical Insurance at Vein Centers

If you’re worried about cost, Medicare and other insurance providers will commonly cover a vein procedure that is medically necessary. Your insurance provider can explain eligibility and coverage, as well as cost. At Columbus Vein Center, pre-certification for each procedure is obtained from the patient’s insurance company prior to scheduling any procedure. In addition, payment plans are also available to help patients handle uncovered out of pocket costs.

If you’re experiencing pain or discomfort in your legs and want to find out if you have damaged or malfunctioning veins causing your symptoms, contact Columbus Vein Center today. Do you live in central Ohio? Here’s more information about Columbus Vein Center, our doctors, and the vein treatments we perform. Check out our varicose vein treatment page to explore frequently asked questions about varicose and spider veins. When you go to Columbus Vein Center, you can feel confident that you’ll get the best treatment for you. Be good to your legs and contact us today!