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Peptide Therapy at a Glance
  • Consultation Required?


  • Initial Results Seen In:

    1 week

  • Duration of Results:

    Years with maintenance

  • Downtime:


  • What It Treats:

    • Weight management
    • Cardiac health
    • Brain health
    • Food, drug, and alcohol cravings

Long-term Healing

Have you been searching for healthier and more organic ways of improving your quality of life? At Polaris Vein & Aesthetics, we offer peptide therapy in Columbus to promote and regulate several physiological processes in your body—safely and effectively. This noninvasive treatment uses naturally occurring peptides (short chains of amino acids) to boost your overall health at a cellular level. Our board-certified medical professionals offer expert quality and care suitable for every lifestyle and any health condition.

Benefits of Peptide Therapy

Regulates Your Hormones

Peptides work by helping improve the production and regulation of hormones in your body. By stimulating these processes, peptides help the body achieve balance.

Versatile Treatment Options

Peptide therapy works to address specific health concerns by promoting rejuvenation, supporting your internal healing processes, and boosting your overall wellness.

Support Cellular Function

This treatment supports cellular production and optimizes function, aiding in muscle growth, quicker recovery, and overall improved health and vitality.

Plan Your Treatment

Use our one-of-a-kind Treatment Planning Tool to design a suitable plan that works best for you.

Treatment Planning Tool

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How Peptide Therapy Works

Peptides are naturally occurring amino acid chains in that help regulate various processes in your body. They act as signaling molecules that target specific receptors to initiate biological responses. By mimicking your body’s natural supply of peptides, peptide therapy can enhance cellular function, regulate hormonal levels, improve immune responses, and stimulate regeneration. At Polaris, our personalized treatments help address your health concerns by offering organic and effective solutions for promoting your overall wellness.

    What to Expect

    • Step 1: Consultation

      During your consultation for peptide therapy, your doctor will discuss your personalized health goals, your previous medical history, and any medications you may be taking. We will use this information to develop your personalized treatment plan.

    • Step 2: Treatment

      Your provider will adjust your dosage and frequency for peptide therapy based on the information gathered during your consultation. Once we’ve created your treatment plan, we’ll help you schedule your peptide injections.

    • Step 3: Results

      After starting peptide therapy in Columbus, you’ll notice improved energy levels, better sleep quality, greater cognitive function, and feeling better and more healthy overall. Results can vary from patient to patient, we’ll optimize your treatment plan for the best possible outcomes.

    About Polaris Vein & Aesthetics

    Dr. Amanda Cooper, MD, a board-certified pioneer in vascular, interventional radiology and aesthetic medicine, founded Polaris Vein & Aesthetics. Her journey began with residencies at Dartmouth and a prestigious Harvard fellowship where she refined her skills under esteemed mentors. Today at Polaris, Dr. Cooper leads a renowned team committed to unmatched quality, comprehensive care, and patient satisfaction. Their patient-centric approach offers a refreshing alternative, prioritizing individualized attention and delivering exceptional outcomes with vascular and aesthetic treatments.

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