Ambulatory Phlebectomy in Columbus

A Long-Lasting Solution

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Phlebectomy at a Glance
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  • Initial Results Seen In:

    2 weeks

  • Duration of Results:


  • Downtime:


  • What It Treats:

    Varicose veins

Restoration For Your Veins

Ready to be done with your varicose veins? At Polaris Vein & Aesthetics, an ambulatory phlebectomy in Columbus may be your solution as a minimally invasive surgical procedure. This treatment involves removing varicose veins by making small incisions in your skin. It resolves unsightly and uncomfortable veins to boost your confidence and comfort in your everyday life.

Benefits of Phlebectomy 

Symptom Relief

This procedure improves blood flow, enhances the appearance of your legs, and provides relief from other symptoms such as restlessness, discomfort, and the inability to stand for long periods of time.

Safe & Effective

Ambulatory phlebectomy has a high success rate of eliminating superficial varicose veins, and it is completely safe for patients. You may experience some side effects after the procedure, but they should resolve with time.

Minimally Invasive

The incisions in the skin are small and do not require any stitches. This simplifies your recovery process and eliminates the restrictions that an intensive surgery would entail.

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How Phlebectomy Works

Before beginning, you will receive a local anesthetic to help enhance your comfort. Your doctor will make micro-incisions in the skin, where they can insert a small surgical hook to secure the vein. They will then carefully remove sections of the varicose vein through the incisions, and your body naturally redirects blood flow to other healthier veins in the body. Over time, your body will absorb the rest of the vein, diminishing its unwanted appearance and symptoms.

    What to Expect

    • Step 1: Consultation

      To know which treatment may be best for you, we want to first meet with you for a complimentary 30-minute consultation to learn more about your symptoms and your goals. We will examine the area, and, if needed, we may perform a diagnostic ultrasound. Based on what we find, we may move forward with an ambulatory phlebectomy in Columbus if it is the right choice for your needs.

    • Step 2: Treatment

      Once we select a treatment, we will provide further details and instructions for preparation and post-care. At your treatment, your doctor will ensure you are comfortable and numbed before beginning. While the length of the procedure can vary depending on the location, size, and number of your veins, ambulatory phlebectomy typically takes around an hour or so to complete.

    • Step 3: Results

      Most patients can return to their daily activities the following day with a few modifications. After a few weeks, you should be completely back to your normal routine. While you may see an initial reduction in your varicose veins after getting an ambulatory phlebectomy in Columbus, your results will continue to improve as the area completely heals.

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