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VenaSeal at a Glance
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  • Initial Results Seen In:

    2 weeks

  • Duration of Results:


  • Downtime:


  • What It Treats:

    Varicose veins

The Relief You Deserve

If you struggle with varicose veins, but you’re hesitant to get surgery to get treatment, we have just what you need at Polaris Vein & Aesthetics. We specialize in minimally invasive vein treatments, and VenaSeal is among the procedures that can reveal the results you desire. It uses a medical adhesive to close off those pesky varicose veins—no surgery or significant downtime necessary!

Benefits of VenaSeal

Nonsurgical Solution

VenaSeal is a minimally invasive option for varicose veins, with no deep incisions, stitches, or general anesthesia required. We will only need local anesthetic to numb the treatment area and maximize your comfort.

No Downtime

Because it only requires an injection for treatment, there is no significant recovery period after your VenaSeal appointment. You won’t have to wear compression stockings or restrict exercise, unlike other vein procedures.

Safe & Effective

When you get VenaSeal in Columbus performed by our board-certified doctor, you will have the safest and effective treatment possible! Our expert staff will ensure a quality experience throughout your visit.

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How VenaSeal Works

VenaSeal is a straightforward procedure that only needs a single injection to treat varicose veins. It uses a catheter to inject a tiny amount of surgical adhesive directly into the vein. This adhesive closes the vein, and your body will naturally direct the blood flow to healthy veins.

    What to Expect

    • Step 1: Consultation

      Our specially trained medical professionals will perform your consultation by reviewing your previous medical history, physically examining the treatment area, and asking questions about your desired treatment results. Then, we’ll evaluate if getting VenaSeal in Columbus is the right course of action for you.

    • Step 2: Treatment

      Since our VenaSeal procedure doesn’t use heat or lasers to close varicose veins, it is quick and painless. While the timeframe may depend on your individual needs and symptoms, the procedure usually takes anywhere between 30 and 60 minutes.

    • Step 3: Results

      You’ll begin to notice improvements immediately after your treatment. However, it will take some time for the vein to fully break down and disappear from the skin. Once it’s gone, however, it’s gone for good!

    About Polaris Vein & Aesthetics

    Our team is ready to empower you to live better and healthier. We offer state-of-the-art aesthetic and vein treatments, such as VenaSeal, in Columbus to restore you to your full confidence. Our practice operates under the medical direction of a board-certified radiologist and vein expert. From your initial consultation to your final follow-up, we guarantee that you’re in capable hands.

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